The Net-Zero Nonzero City

We hear a lot lately about Net Zero buildings that produce as much energy as they consume, and as we extend this idea to cities, energy efficiency will continue to be a crucial part of our future. NonZero refers to the human part of the equation: social...

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Stores That Feel You

How does lighting affect emotion? This question is interesting if you are, like me, relentlessly curious (ok, borderline basket-case geeky), about lighting and emotions separately and/or together. For example, high on my "to read" list is Darwin's The...

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Light People!

Left: This entry is certainly dramatic, but hardly friendly and inviting. Right: Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring: that’s how to light people! The title for this blog is not about those humans out there who may be referred to as “People of Light” (or on Wednesday...

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Visual Comfort and Buildings that Feel

In the last 15 years we've seen an emphasis on new measures of quality in the built environment, largely centered on energy efficiency or "green" building, but these have been largely indoor measures and they're mostly concerned with indoor air quality and...

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