Outcome-Based Code Compliance: Hope or Hype?

The prescriptive-based and performance-based energy codes currently in use in the U.S. have a fatal flaw: neither compliance method measures actual building energy usage and performance over time. Prescriptive compliance is exceedingly complex, relying on a myriad of...

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The Architecture of Experience

Light is the most flexible building material at work in the constructions of the world around us. Variable, transient, and flexible – lighting has the capacity to change its character and the manner in which it inhabits and defines space with infinitely greater...

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Light, Art, and Biophilia

Like art, light inspires. From sunsets to starlight, jellyfishes to fireflies, humans often perceive light as poetic and inspiring. But light does much more than just stir imagination; how we perceive light can affect everything from our emotions to our alertness and...

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Public Policy: Why Care?

Do you ever feel as if your projects are subject to rules you don’t understand, made by people you don't know, for reasons that aren't clear? Do you sometimes feel that these rules are being done to you rather than by you or for you? That's how most lighting...

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The Net-Zero Nonzero City

We hear a lot lately about Net Zero buildings that produce as much energy as they consume, and as we extend this idea to cities, energy efficiency will continue to be a crucial part of our future. NonZero refers to the human part of the equation: social...

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Stores That Feel You

How does lighting affect emotion? This question is interesting if you are, like me, relentlessly curious (ok, borderline basket-case geeky), about lighting and emotions separately and/or together. For example, high on my "to read" list is Darwin's The...

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