Oculus Reaches New Heights with BCG DTLA

"What we need to get is a drone fly-through shot to understand the space," said Scott Hatton, principal of Oculus Light Studio, describing the complexity and dizzying heights of the Boston Consulting Group offices in Downtown Los Angeles. "The blue oculus...

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KGM Projects Lauded for Team Effort

The International Interior Design Association’s Southern California Chapter feted the 29th Annual Calibre Design Awards at a gala in May, 2017. KGM Architectural Lighting was named on six of the 85 nominated project teams, noted for work that exemplifies a...

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The Rise of TLEDs

The Department of Energy estimates there are 360 million fluorescent troffers installed across the US, but market data show that shipments of linear fluorescent lamps have been tanking since 2014. Tubular LEDs (TLEDs) are taking over. Like other LED...

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These 10 Designers Won’t Miss #2017LSW

WestCoast Lighting Insider interviewed 10 regional architecture and design professionals about the opportunities they're looking for at LightShow West 2017. One and all are seeking updates on lighting technologies that are undergoing one revolution on top...

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The ABCs of T-LEDs

Capital and labor costs can vary widely in retrofits using tubular LEDs (TLEDs), which makes crunching the payback numbers difficult. Yes, the TLED itself is more energy efficient than a fluorescent lamp, but multiple configurations each have tradeoffs between labor...

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Ganging Up on Decorative Pendants

Ganged pendants are one of the hottest trends in decorative lighting. And today's LED sources lend themselves to hardwired, multipoint designs: modern or contemporary; transitional or industrial. "The trend has been coming and coming," according to Randall Whitehead,...

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Neon Still Sizzles

Reports on the death of neon have been somewhat exaggerated. LEDs did finish off the use of neon in interior and exterior architectural lighting, but neon tube bending shops survive here and there. Neon's vibrancy and sizzle make older signs worth preserving, and the...

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PoE Lighting Convergence: LED Meets IT

Power over Ethernet (PoE) could disrupt the lighting industry more than the LED ever has. By powering lighting with Ethernet switches and inexpensive Cat 5 or 6 cable, instead of hazardous 120V electrical systems, PoE threatens to move lighting from the electrician’s...

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Will TM-30 Supplant CRI with Dual Metrics?

This past summer the Illuminating Engineering Society published TM-30-2015, IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition. Developed by consensus, this new calculational methodology reflects updated color science and addresses the escalating problems with...

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The LED Shall Set You Free

Large apertures and clunky metal boxes are so twentieth century. Super-compact, efficient and highly directional, LED luminaires open up sleek, new, form factors and innovative, architecturally integrated lighting strategies. After a long decade of evolution, LEDs now...

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LEDs Light Smart at CSU Campuses

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the California State University system presented the 11th annual Higher Education Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Best Practice Awards in July. The awards program highlights innovative and effective energy-efficiency...

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Dim to Warm

The WarmDim/human centric technology in action using luminaries. Lighting designers have adopted a rule of thumb about color temperature: occupants prefer higher color temperatures in bright settings and lower color temperatures in dimmer settings. And that familiar...

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ALKILU: Adventures in OLED Lighting

If you’re looking for the OLED lighting products we’ve long been promised, you’ll find some right here in Southern California. ALIKLU Enterprises, LLC is manufacturing and selling OLED lighting products today. Their products are designed around the unique...

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2700K LED Lighting

Since the 1990s, LED lighting manufacturers have sought the difficult balance of light quality, efficacy and cost. Because commercial white-light LED products are fundamentally blue LEDs, warmer color temperatures are particularly challenging – achieved at...

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