Energy Codes – Where Do We Go From Here?
9:00 - 10:00 am | Seminar S14
Codes & Compliance
Architects | Engineers | Lighting Designers | Interior Designers | Landscape Architects | Other End Users
Beginner | Intermediate | Advanced
CJ Brockway, IALD, LC
Principal – SparkLab Lighting Design
Susan Larson
CEO – 90+ Lighting
Clifton Stanley Lemon, IESNA
CEO (President, IES San Francisco Section) – Clifton Lemon Associates
Brian Liebel, PE
Director, Standards and Research – Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)
Principal – Benya Burnett Consultancy

Lighting codes, including, ASHRAE/IES 90.1, the IECC, California’s Title 24 and the Seattle Energy Code, have mandated the lighting industry to become more energy-efficient. Lighting is now close to the theoretical limit of minimizing power – which, with currently available technologies at their maximum efficiency, is about 97 percent less than 1973. A good code should prevent bad design, embracing emerging technology, but it must also respect good design and reduce the heavy cost of compliance. The industry needs to realize the accomplishments made in energy reduction, and understand that 100 percent of energy cannot be saved. Or can it? This candid panel will discuss the current status and future of lighting energy codes, including:

  • The business of compliance – simulations, forms, permitting, construction, inspection, training, and updates. The heavy cost and bureaucracy of writing codes, code changes, and ongoing compliance.
  • Do we need better codes? Prescriptive or outcome-based?
  • Can we have less frequent changes, and be more technology-neutral? Can we regain control of the codes from those who don’t design and build buildings?
  • Can the codes be easier, as well as faster to design, build, and inspect?
CJ Brockway, IALD, LC
SparkLab Lighting Design

CJ Brockway has over 18 years of experience as an architectural lighting designer, and has also served as a theatrical designer, lighting installer and controls programmer, sales agent, and art lighting specialist. She has been leader of a large design studio, and won over twenty illumination awards with the IES in the USA and in China. She has served as an adjunct instructor of Lighting Design at Cornish College of the Arts, and currently teaches as part of the University of Washington College of Built Environments.

Susan Larson - speaker
Susan Larson
90+ Lighting

Susan Larson, CEO of 90+ Lighting, has spent 20 years in the LED business. She currently heads up 90+ Lighting, a company focused only on high quality complete lamp line with 90+ CRI, R9>50 and flicker<30%. All lamps are listed with the strict California Energy Commission's Title 20 for efficacy as well as JA8/Title 24 for quality of light, as well as Energy Star and DLC. Ms. Larson formerly held various VP roles at Soraa, where she developed their MR16, specification lamp strategy, and most recently designed and brought to market their ARC directional fixture line.

Clifton Stanley Lemon, IESNA
CEO (President, IES San Francisco Section)
Clifton Lemon Associates

Clifton Stanley Lemon is the founder of Clifton Lemon Associates, a consultancy providing strategy, product development, marketing, and education services to lighting manufacturers and design organizations. He was formerly Marketing Communications Manager for Soraa and Director of Business Development at Integral Group. He is an active writer and speaker, with extensive experience in event production and curriculum for professional development. He is the President of the Illuminating Engineering Society, San Francisco Section, and is on the Advisory Boards of Lighting Facts, Strategies in Light, and LightShow West.

Brian Liebel - speaker
Brian Liebel, PE
Director, Standards and Research
Illuminating Engineering Society (IES)

As the Director of Standards and Research at the Illuminating Engineering Society, Brian Liebel oversees his dedicated staff in serving the needs of the Society and the public interest through the development of lighting standards and directing research projects that better inform these standards. Brian had previously served on the IES Board of Directors and has been a member of the IES for over 30 years. Brian Liebel’s 35-year career started as a lighting designer and electrical engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, to the Lighting Program Director at PG&E’s Pacific Energy Center where he taught lighting design for ten years, to leading research efforts on how the spectrum of light affects vision.

James Benya - speaker
James Benya, PE, FIES, FIALD
Benya Burnett Consultancy

James Benya is recognized as one of the world’s top authorities on lighting design and applied illuminating engineering. He is especially known for his work in the field of design with emphasis on daylighting, lighting efficiency and sustainable design. James is a professional engineer and lighting designer with 40 years of experience in architectural lighting design including daylighting, theatrical and performance lighting, urban streetscapes, light as art and zero net energy building design. He is also the author of two books, Lighting Design Basics and Retrofitting and Relighting, and among the most widely-respected international lecturers and speakers in the field of lighting design, daylighting design and efficient buildings.

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