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SCI Lighting Solutions opens a new state of the art DTLA Facility to be the Specification Hub for their clients and sales personnel.

As a lighting agency, it’s so important to have access to key fixture samples at all times. What better way to ensure that accessibility than to open an office in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles that displays an array of beautiful light fixtures? SCI Lighting Solutions is more than pleased to announce the opening of their Downtown LA space that resides on the 28th floor of The Paul Hastings North Tower in City National Plaza.

The intent of the newly designed space was to serve as a technology driven space that would allow SCI’s clients to visit and walk through a live demonstration of some of their key manufacturers’ luminaires and control lines to really experience the lighting solutions portion of their next potential project.

SCI - DTLA Facility

“The space is designed to be a hub a for training/education of our specification clients, and to allow our manufacturer partners and the SCI Team to use the DTLA space as a sales tool to demonstrate the latest in Lighting and Control Technology that SCI represents. We expect the space to be incredibly busy with Specifiers being able to see and select their lighting and control products they will use for their clients’ projects first hand,” noted Tom Thomson, President of SCI.

SCI’s downtown Los Angeles space, also known as SCI DTLA, was created with an acute eye for design. The overall aesthetic of the project captures an extremely clean and minimalistic, yet very beautiful look. Each piece of stone, every fabric, and each piece of furniture was meticulously chosen. The lighting then ties the whole design together by creating an immensely well illuminated and striking space. When one visits SCI DTLA, they’ll be able to peruse lighting solutions of multiple Eaton Lighting brands – Halo, Metalux, Neoray, Ametrix, Corelite, Iris, Lumiere, Shaper, Portfolio, Greengate, Ilumin, Focal Point, Birchwood, Architectural Lighting Works, WAC Lighting, Eaton Controls, Ecosense, We-ef, and Diode LED.

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