Here are just a few of the products that will be on display at LightShow West 2019.
PrimaLine® Neon LED Tape Light
BOOTH #621

PrimaLine Neon LED tape light is a best-in-class, ultra-flexible waterproof tape light that provides hotspot-free diffusion. PrimaLine Neon emits a balanced 95+ CRI light and is great for linear and curved installations. Featuring an innovative solder-free connector, PrimaLine Neon can be easily cut in the field for a perfect fit.

Axis MikroLite™ 1.5
BOOTH #330

This powerful linear micro downlight system features a 1.5” square-in-square optical system that delivers superior visual comfort, high efficacy, high CRI, color tuning and flawless color mixing, with integral driver. MikroLite 1.5 has been recognized by the 2018 IES Progress Report and the 2019 Sapphire Awards.

BOOTH #1101

ZUMMESH-JBOX-DALI is a single-channel wireless DALI® controller. It can control up to 64 drivers and is part of a complete Crestron Zūm lighting control system, including two keypads, an occupancy/vacancy sensor, a daylight sensor, plug-load controller, and a network bridge – all for as little as one dollar per square foot. 

APEX moving wall sconce
BOOTH #1140

At Furl, we believe in changing the way we experience light in the spaces we occupy. Furl lights are more than just lights, they are functional works of art that MOVE! Click the link below and experience lighting differently.

BOOTH #919

Versatile light pods for virtually any application, LEDpods are especially popular with handrails. Able to illuminate with either symmetrical or asymmetric distribution without the need to tilt the handrail, these pods eliminate unwanted and disturbing glare.

BOOTH #430

PureEdge Lighting’s Pipeline is a stunning lighting solution designed to complement the appeal of open-ceiling spaces.  Pipeline’s round design seamlessly blends with the ducts and pipes that define today's exposed environments. Pipeline is versatile and can accommodate 24VDC track heads and pendants, creating the perfect combination of direct and indirect lighting.