Lighting designers, architects and engineers will gather October 21–22 at the Los Angeles Convention Center for LightShow West 2015. But what are they looking for?

WestCoast Lighting Insider interviewed 10 regional lighting design professionals about the educational opportunities they’re looking forward to. Some are newbies and some are lighting veterans; one coming in all the way from Seattle. By far their greatest concern is California’s Title 24, both the 2013 code now in force and the coming 2016 changes. Light and health, retrofit vs relight, and controls, controls, controls… How do intelligent lighting systems achieve code compliance? How do they fit in with the Internet of Things and “smart cities” initiatives?

LSW’s 46 educational sessions and over 230 exhibitors create rich and intimate opportunities to discuss hot topics, see the latest product offerings and to network. Which will best fit your focus, or broaden your perspective? Let us know in the comments.

John Martin - Senior Associate - KGM Architectural Lighting

JOHN MARTIN | Senior Associate
KGM Architectural Lighting

“I’m particularly interested in Bernie Bauer’s seminar, Navigating Title 24 without Sinking Your Design. Because it’s crucial to keep design in the dialogue and not just be driven by codes and metrics. Also, All in the (Revit) Family: Lighting Fixture Creation in the BIM Platform [presenter, Dave Young of Stantec]. There’s really no consensus yet on how Revit should be used in lighting design.”

Alessandra Todd - Principa; - Architechtural Lighting Design by Alessandra Todd

Architectural Lighting Design by Alessandra Todd

“I am intrigued by the correlation between light and wellness, so I will be attending Parts 1 & 2 of Evidence Based Lighting Design, presented by Deborah Burnett on Wednesday. I’d love to hear more about the medical research that supports that relationship, so I can have a better understanding and consider key points when I am designing a space.”

Bryan Martinez - Electrical Project Engineer - DCGA Engineers

BRYAN MARTINEZ | Electrical Project Engineer
DCGA Engineers

“I am looking forward to seeing what new products are available for emergency power for LED light fixtures. We specify light fixtures for commercial applications. Over the past year, year and half, our spec has changed to 100% LED. Emergency battery packs have been somewhat of an issue.”

Kelly Hull - Principal - Bright Footprint LLC

KELLY HULL | Principal
Bright Footprint LLC

“I’ve specified new wireless technology with dimming controls – Title 24 compliant – for colleges and universities. I’m looking forward to seeing the new retail add-ons, such as security cameras and parking assist. I’m also curious to see what’s available for smart cities.”

Jeff Hornung - Electrical Project Designer - Design West Engineering

JEFF HORNUNG | Electrical Project Designer
Design West Engineering

“Working for a consulting engineer, I always have to keep up with changes to Title 24. This latest code change was significant, so I, and some of my coworkers, are planning on attending at least five of the sessions on Title 24, to add to what we already have learned. That includes Gary Flamm’s presentation on the 2016 iteration of the code – changes to come. On the show floor we will definitely be looking at new technologies that will help our clients meet the new Title 24 requirements, as simply and affordably as possible.”

Daniela Vela - Designer - Lighting Design Alliance

Lighting Design Alliance

“I’m looking forward to attending the seminar Cities that Learn [presented by Clifton Lemon]. Lighting technology is changing so much with LEDs and lighting controls, and we are getting better, more efficient and flexible solutions every day. It will be interesting to hear about how cities can learn about new technologies and implement these systems to create smarter cities in the future.”

Jen Goldstein - President - Radiance Lightworks Inc.

Radiance Lightworks Inc.

“I am looking forward to seeing new architectural fixtures with higher lumens per watt to apply on retail projects that need to meet Title 24 requirements.”

Sam Nour - Engineer - Absolute Consulting Engineers

SAUM NOUR | Engineer
Absolute Consulting Engineers

“I’m primarily there for the California Title 24 presentations and any innovations that manufacturers have on LED retrofits. Plug-and-play products are the most economical in terms of installation time, and less disruptive to the business. There is innovation there, but I’m not looking for betas. I want something that will sustain and be supported over the long term.”

Aaron Garcia - Lighting Designer - Lewis Ross Associates, Inc.

AARON GARCIA | Lighting Designer
Lewis Ross Associates, Inc.

“I am relatively new to the industry, so my main focus for the show is, there are about 10 seminars on the Title 24 code. I want to learn as much as possible, particularly about lighting controls in general and how they function within the code requirements.”

Seri Hamm - Project Manager - Hultz BHU Engineers

SERI HAMM | Project Manager
Hultz BHU Engineers

“We are in Washington State and occasionally work on projects in California. So I am taking a Title 24 course focusing on commissioning specifications. Plus, I’m hearing more about the Internet of Things, and I’m looking forward to learning more about how it relates to lighting. The seminars on dynamic white light and dynamic colored lighting outdoors will help me achieve the looks our clients are asking for. I definitely appreciate that LightShow West offers so many learning opportunities.”

Lois I. Hutchinson

About Lois I. Hutchinson

Lois I. Hutchinson is a freelance writer specializing in lighting and energy issues. She is also the content marketing mastermind behind Inverse Square LLC, a Los Angeles–based consultancy. Contact her via with your comments and any article ideas that concern the lighting community here in the Southwest.

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