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B-K Lighting Celebrates 35 Years of Illuminating the Planet by Partnering With the National Forest Foundation to Plant 35,000 Trees

The devastation caused by recent California fires has inspired the company to act in an immediate and tangible way, on both a local and national level.

To mark B-K Lighting‘s milestone anniversary in 2019, the leadership team has announced the company’s intent to join the National Forest Foundation‘s campaign, 50 Million Trees in Our National Forests by 2023 and California Wildfire Reforestation – with a contribution of 35,000 trees. CEO Nathan Sloan shares his empathy for locals impacted by the fires, and the organization’s commitment to making this planet a better place. “The past five years of forest fires have taken a terrible toll,” he explains. “We want to take action, become doers and create a greener planet. We want our “Greener” Green Source initiative to be more than mere lip service, but rather a visible outpouring of care for our community.”

Why the National Forest Foundation, and why so many trees?

It’s an endeavor that’s beneficial to customers across the country. The National Forest Foundation is a resource everyone can appreciate. Healthy forests and recreation areas provide water to millions in thousands of communities, clean the air, store carbon, and provide timber, minerals, oil and gas and other resources for industry and communities.

Today, National Forests and Grasslands provide Americans with 193 million spectacular acres of wildlands:

  • More than 9,000 miles of scenic byways
  • Almost 150,000 miles of hiking trails
  • More than 4,400 miles of wild, rushing rivers
  • At least 5,100 campgrounds
  • And 328 natural swimming pools

But these are not self-sustaining. In fact, many are at risk. They require ongoing investment and maintenance to continue to thrive for future generations.

A portion of the donation will go specifically to California Wildfire Reforestation which has hit close to home.

  • California contains 14 different National Forests, covering a fifth of the state and providing vital resources. National Forests contribute nearly 65% of the water for the state, support a thriving recreation economy, and play a vital role in storing carbon.
  • Due to the historic drought since 2012, California forests have been consumed by fire at an unprecedented rate – more than five million acres in the past five years. The recent Camp Fire consumed more than 18,000 structures and claimed more than 85 lives.
  • Fires burned so severely that many forests are left with no cover whatsoever. Winter rains are expected to scour bare slopes, leading to erosion and sedimentation of the streams that supply California communities with water. Perhaps most frightening, without immediate action, we could lose some of these forests forever.

In 2019, every B-K Lighting fixture purchased will contribute to planting trees, while the company advocates for a greener planet in other capacities.

In addition to planting 35,000 trees, the B-K Lighting team will foster an environment of education and volunteer programs for employees, reinforcing the positive impact they can have – making the company’s 35th year its most memorable yet.


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