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Litecontrol Launched the Vora™ 50L Architectural Recessed Troffer With Edge-Lit Technology
Vora 50L

A typical recessed LED troffer features a back-lit LED solution with a diffuser spaced away from the source. Lighting designers are frequently frustrated by the limitations associated with this standard. Through laser etched, acrylic light guides, the light in Vora 50L is emitted in a uniform manner across the entire surface of the fixture. By using this unique edge-lit design, “hot spots” that plague standard troffers are eliminated without any sacrifice to performance.

Check out the press release to learn about the patent-pending, center mixing chamber, how custom graphic inserts can be placed onto the center mixing chamber reflector, a unique 1×1 size option and Carbon Black and Machined Aluminum finishes – all available in the thinnest edge-lit troffer available on the market (2.2″).

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