WestCoast Lighting Insider interviewed 10 regional architecture and design professionals about the opportunities they’re looking for at LightShow West 2017. One and all are seeking updates on lighting technologies that are undergoing one revolution on top of another. LEDs, lighting controls and code changes top the list. But color, design practice and the health impacts of lighting remain hot topics.

LightShow West will gather 67 topic experts and more than 275 exhibitors showing the latest products on the market. Which of the educational seminars will best fit your needs for your organization? Will a chance encounter broaden your perspective?

Take some guidance from the pros below, and find out yourself October 11–12 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Adam Levine, Senior Lighting Designer, HLB Lighting Design
Senior Lighting Designer
HLB Lighting Design

Two years ago, I was new to the architectural lighting world and LightShow West was my first chance to see all that the architectural lighting world has to offer. Technology changes every year, and it’s so important to keep up and stay current with new trends. I’m registered for the IoT seminar and the one on color metrics. Color metrics have come a long way since the LED, and I am looking forward to learning about the newer metrics available, like TM-30.

Sierra Peterson, Interior Designer I, Perkins and Will
Interior Designer I
Perkins + Will

I’ve not attended LightShow West before, and I was impressed with the seminars and panels. So many of them sounded useful – worth attending. I’m especially curious about the one on color and light that leans more toward the natural elements of how light and color work together.

James Kelly, Architect, Gensler

There’s been a lot that’s changed in lighting design and technology in the past few years, and I want to see the latest and greatest. The degree of technology that’s involved with lighting now is leading to more advanced coordination of lighting design with other disciplines, and the impacts on energy are far greater. Seeing a good cross-section on where the lighting industry is will help me as an architect in collaborating with lighting designers – and in better understanding their language and the range, and impacts, of possibilities they bring to the table.

Carol Prendergast, Senior Designer, Oculus Light Studio
Senior Designer
Oculus Light Studio

I’ve registered for two seminars. One summarizes the major changes to Title 24 that are coming in the future – both commercial and residential. The other concerns challenges that women face in our field. I’m interested to hear what the panelists have to say about their experiences, and how they’ve managed them.

William Eidlhuber, Lighting Business Development Manager, Graybar
Lighting Business Development Manager

We’ve had quite a few recent meetings with big engineering firms and architectural firms about PoE lighting. We rely on the manufacturers for their insight and design, so we want to reinforce relationships with the existing manufacturers we carry. But we’re also looking for new lines when it comes to these new technologies like PoE – and wireless controls.

Ruth Chafin, President, Ruth Chafin Interior Design

I have several clients interested in home automation, and I want to meet vendors that can integrate seamlessly with these controllers, and provide support on how to install and use these products. There are also several seminars on lighting controls. The one on designing controls systems looks perfect – in terms of helping me meet my clients’ demands.

Lesley Graham, Senior Project Designer, Eric Rosen Architects
Senior Project Manager
Eric Rosen Architects

I’m looking forward to learning about the latest LED lighting options available. LED technology is changing rapidly, so it’s important to keep up to date. We rely on our lighting reps for advice on choosing the right fixture, but because of the number of variables that go into lighting specifications and changing energy codes, it’s always good for us, as architects, to be as knowledgeable as possible on the topic, so we can advise our clients and choose the correct fixtures for each situation.

Dan Weinreber, Partner, KGM Architectural Lighting

I need CEUs for my LC renewal, and this show should give me all the ones I need in one day. The seminar on street and area lighting appeals to me because the controls side of exterior lighting is always evolving. I’m looking for strategies we may not have encountered yet – but might soon. I’m also curious about the seminar on design team collaboration. It’s always interesting to see how other designers run through their process. You gain insight into how other teams work.

Gevork Asatryan, Electrical Engineer, ARC Engineering
Electrical Engineer
ARC Engineering

My main purpose – and for some of my coworkers that are coming – is to see anything related to Title 24 changes and all the new lighting technologies. I’m already seeing some companies offering new, color-changing technologies. I want to know how those will be integrated into our future projects.

Kyra Bauman, Designer, Ryder Design and Architecture

A lot of interesting vendors are going to be there, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have to offer. We’ll also be working with lighting designers on some of our upcoming projects, so I’m interested to hear from the designers on The Dos and Don’ts of Working with a Commercial Lighting Designer panel. How they work on different types of projects – commercial versus residential.

Lois I. Hutchinson

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